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Trust management always carries a certain level of risk and may not be suitable for online activity of certain investors and participants in various projects. Before you become an active client of assurityfund.com, You should learn about all the risks associated with this activity. You should consider your willingness to participate in the program, your level of awareness, and your risk tolerance. The company, as well as representatives of assurityfund.com remind you that each investor is responsible for their invested as well as operational finances independently. He must calculate the amount of the Deposit, based on his needs and expediency. If you have any questions about the company's activities, you can always ask them to assurityfund.com representatives. In other cases, we strongly recommend that you contact your financial Advisor for further advice.

Official activity

assurityfund.com is a fully official company. They operate strictly under UK law. assurityfund.com has the right to conduct international trade. They have the permission of the relevant regulatory authorities to conduct investment, as well as exchange activity, and currency trading.

Today, assurityfund.com adopts all the rules, regulations and laws of the European Union and regulates its activities strictly in the legislative environment.


  • assurityfund.com undertakes to comply with all safety standards, including both the operation of the investment Fund and the client's personal funds, which the latter transfers to the company's accounts.
  • assurityfund.com undertakes to pay the funds to investors, in relation to the conditions that the latter signs with the representatives of the company, the subsequent payments to the client are strictly in accordance with the rules, if only there are situations that are independent of the company's activities.
  • assurityfund.com undertakes to notify each client of the company about changes in the work, regulations and terms of cooperation. assurityfund.com reserves the right to revise certain points of the agreement or all the points of the said agreement.
  • assurityfund.com undertakes to compensate the funds to the clients in part or in full in case of unforeseen circumstances. The amount of compensation of the company is strictly regulated in accordance with article 58 of the law of the investor compensation Fund, which provides for the payment of not more than 20 000 euros. All other amounts are paid to the client by the relevant regulatory authorities on the basis of the provisions of this law.

Obligations of the client:

The client of assurityfund.com, hereinafter simply the client, acknowledges and declares that he has read, accepted and agrees with the following rules and obligations:

  • The cost, size and terms of the contract, investment plan or any other instruments may be reduced, modified and adjusted by the company at its discretion.
  • The amount of investment or any other charges, as well as the amount of payments and other investment obligations on the part of assurityfund.com can be revised, changed at the discretion of the latter, taking into account various factors and needs.
  • The data of the company, as well as the state of financial instruments do not guarantee the current or future performance of these instruments, and may be revised upwards or downwards. The use of historical data does not guarantee and cannot be a safe and correct forecast for future income and other indicators.
  • Certain financial instruments as well as investment plans of assurityfund.com can be liquidated, revised or changed as a consequence of the need, necessity or expediency of the company.
  • In the event that the investment conditions work in a currency other than the client's country of residence, any change in the exchange rate of this currency may result in a change in the amount of deductions, interest, as well as the total amount.
  • The investor accepts the fact that his profit, both actual and potential, can be adjusted or changed as a result of various exchange rate fluctuations.
  • The investor accepts the individual terms, conditions and risks of each individual investment proposals of the company assurityfund.com.
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