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Privacy Policy

assurityfund.com is committed to protecting personal information and is also trying to develop technology to provide you with the best online trading experience, without any risks. The non-disclosure statement governs the use and collection of data, and applies to all assurityfund.com sites. If you access or use the site, you automatically agree to the methods of using personal information described below, acknowledging that you have studied the information provided, understood it and agreed to the conditions, rules and methods that this document contains, and do not refuse to comply with all applicable laws and provisions.

1. What information is collected

assurityfund.com stores personal information such as your residential address, phone number and email address. Demographic data is also subject to collection it is anonymous and concerns not only You, as for example Your Hobbies, gender, food preferences, age and the like. assurityfund.com also collects data about the software and hardware of the computer You use. It may contain the following data: IP-address of the computer, time of use, addresses of requested websites, domain names, type of browser installed on the computer. This information is used to serve assurityfund.com, and to improve the quality, by obtaining General data on the use of the assurityfund.com sites. Please do not forget that if you provide your personal information or data in public forums, discussions of the website, it may be borrowed by third parties and used for their own purposes.

Important! assurityfund.com does not read your personal correspondence that takes place online.

assurityfund.com advises all users to check the nondisclosure statements of other websites linked to assurityfund.com so that it is clear which sites may collect personal data and distribute it subsequently. assurityfund.com is not responsible for the privacy and information provided on websites other than the assurityfund.com group of sites.

assurityfund.com undertakes to collect data, take the necessary measures to avoid and prevent the legalization of money laundering, which attackers get through illegal fraud, this website requests anti-money laundering policy. There are cases in which assurityfund.com reserves the right to require documents confirming where the funds are coming from.

2. Using your personal data

in order to carry out the services you request from the website, assurityfund.com reserves the right to collect Your information and personal data, this is also required in order to operate the website. This data is also needed in order for assurityfund.com to provide you with information about other products and services offered on the assurityfund.com website and partner companies. If you receive a request from affiliated sites, which will be marketing information, before you send a message, You will have the opportunity in full consciousness and clear mind to give clear consent to the continuation of such actions on the part of the company. Such a request will arise when visiting affiliate web pages, which will contain the appropriate field, marking it You agree to receive and provide direct advertising services. In order to know the opinion of consumers about the current services offered, or new services, assurityfund.com reserves the right to contact through the questionnaires that You have previously filled out. Third parties cannot obtain assurityfund.com customer lists because The website does not sell, rent or transfer them to others. If the message from assurityfund.com will be about offers that may interest You, the website has the right to contact on behalf of its business partners. In such cases, third parties will not receive your confidential information, nor will they be given your name, phone number, address or email address. assurityfund.com reserves the right to distribute your personal information only to reliable, trusted partners, they, in turn, help to perform customer analysis, send letters to e-mail, organize delivery to customers. All third parties visiting the website are not allowed to use your personal data, except for the collection of information for assurityfund.com, in other cases they are obliged to keep the confidentiality of other people's data.

without explicit consent, assurityfund.com will not disclose your race, political affiliation or religion, and will treat It as strictly confidential. To make the site more useful, assurityfund.com keeps track of which websites and pages customers visit, which ones have more popularity, this applies only to the limits of assurityfund.com. With this information, the site customizes the content and offers based on the behavior of the client and the frequently visited pages that he is interested in. assurityfund.com has the right to disclose your personal data, if required by law, without warning, or in three other cases: 1. Following the law, or litigation in relation to the site. 2. Protection of rights and property. 3. Actions aimed at protecting the security of personal data of assurityfund.com customers.

2. Cookies

to analyze your online experience, assurityfund.com consists of Cookies. This term refers to a file that is stored on a hard disk placed by a server. Such files cannot be used to run malware and viruses on Your device. Cookies are individual information that can only be read by the web server in the domain that created the file. They provide you with a quick access function, in order not to waste too much time. The purpose of this file is to inform the web server that You have returned to the page. For example: You have set up the pages of the website, or registered on it, or in order to get the necessary services, a cookie will help the site to recover Your data on the next visits to the site. Thus, the process of registration and entering personal data, when you return to the site assurityfund.com, previously submitted information is restored. Therefore, you can easily, even after a certain time to use the previously configured functions on the site assurityfund.com. You have the option to accept or reject such files. You can also change your browser settings to reject cookies in any case. If you opt out of these cookies, it is possible that you may not be able to use the full interactive features of the services or partner sites you visit.

3. personal data Security

Personal information, as well as its security, is very important to us, so to protect Your data, we maintain physical, electronic, procedural safeguards. Also, Your personal information is protected by the site from unauthorized intrusion, use and disclosure. The personal data provided by you, assurityfund.com stores on computer servers, in an environment that is controlled and protected from unauthorized access and use by intruders. When transferring personal data, including credit card number, to other partner sites, it is protected by special encryption, this is a Protocol for protecting information.

Except as set forth in this non-disclosure statement, when we share your personal information with any third party without your Express, accurate consent, in all cases where we retain personal information, we will notify you of the recipient, or group of recipients, of that information. Also, we will inform you in advance if this information will be transferred to a new recipient for the first time. We may disclose aggregate information such as demographic data and statistical analyses to advertisers and supporting partners. Aggregate information may not have Your personal data.

4. Агенты

assurityfund.com использует услуги организаций, которые занимаются обработкой кредитных карт, для того, чтоб проделать манипуляции по вводу и выводу денежных средств с Вашего личного счета. Данные организации не используют Ваши личные данные в других целях, а также не запоминают, не передают и не хранят её.

5. ability to change granted position

the assurityfund.com Website may occasionally change certain provisions of the nondisclosure clause, taking into account feedback and requests from customers and partner companies. Therefore, assurityfund.com advises you to periodically review the regulations to be aware of changes and to know all about the possibility of disclosure of personal data.

6. Consent and unsubscribe

If You for some reason want to unsubscribe from the promotional mailing list, You can do it, you can unsubscribe according to the algorithm specified in all messages.

You will be informed when a third party collects your personal data, unless it is our data collection agent, so that you can decide for yourself whether to disclose your personal data to that party.

7. access to personal data

in case your data has changed, you can inform us by e-mail, or contact us by phone, mail, Fax.


assurityfund.com welcomes your comments regarding this non-disclosure statement. If you believe that the site violates the terms of this provision, You can inform us through the page "Contact us", or "Request a call back".

9. Consent

having Reviewed the information provided to me, I consent to the processing of my personal information as set forth in this privacy statement.

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